Vending equipment supplies will be restored soon

29. 05. 2020

Coronavirus infection has reached its peak, which means that it should decline in the near future.  This means that all structures will resume their work.  Our company promises its customers that in the near future we will be able to resume deliveries of vending machines to customers.

The products are currently in warehouses and are waiting for the moment when they can be sent to customers.  This will happen as soon as the government permits active work.

All deliveries will be stabilized soon.  Logistic companies guarantee that they are ready to begin work on the transportation of goods in pre-epidemic volumes.

We guarantee that you will receive vending products in the near future.  We are waiting to return to the usual life since it is important for us that every client receives orders on time.

At the same time, we can’t call the exact dates, since the infection still spreads.  We hope that it will decline and there will be no new waves.  This will allow us to arrange the delivery of vending machines.