Washing machines

The washing machine business is popular in Western Europe, the UK.  However, our country has already checked out the potential of the equipment.  Specialized systems do an excellent job of automating human labor.  Laundromats combine powerful washing machines with a wide range of features and a vending machine.  Our site presents an assortment of vending washing machines.

Design Features

The payment system addition provides the possibility of self-service.  It includes a number of components for receiving payments and managing blocks.

Washing machines provide everything for the comfort of use:

  1. Large volume. Machines are quite spacious, an average of 4.5-6 kg of laundry.
  2. Touch control. Such mechanisms are convenient to use and harder to break.
  3. Convenient payment system. Designed for the most commonly used banknotes.
  4. Additional features. It is possible to record statistics.  Some models support a GPRS modem, this provides Internet access.
  5. Data display shows the washing cost, etc.
  6. Tariffing taking into account the selected modes.
  7. If desired, you can configure different prices based on the time, day.

Where to install vending washing machines?

The machine does an excellent job of washing clothes, blankets, bedding, etc. The cash changer and additional automation remove the need to hire a cashier or other employees.

Laundromats are required at the following sites:

  • dorms for students;
  • holiday homes;
  • small-family and working dorms;
  • campsites;
  • boarding houses;
  • economy hotels;
  • family and small hotel complexes.

Why is it worth ordering vending washing machines?

Our company offers a wide selection of vending washing machines.  The purchase of a machine is a profitable investment for the following reasons:

  • relatively small investments;
  • business does not require personnel or continuous monitoring;
  • the equipment doesn’t require much to operate;
  • no competitors, washing machines, unlike other vending trends, are rarely used;
  • high payback rate;
  • requires a minimum of time, maintenance 1-2 times per month is required;
  • if desired, remote control is available.

Order vending washing machines

We offer vending machines at competitive prices.  Manufacturers guarantee the efficiency, electrical safety of equipment, including grounding, and a convenient payment system.  The purchase of a machine is a profitable investment and allows starting a business with a high payback rate.