Souvenir machines

The vending market remains relatively empty, which allows establishing own business with a minimum of investment.  Souvenirs vending machine is an excellent solution, rarely found even in the most populated cities.  Several well-filled and placed machines will provide high profits and quickly pay off.

Design features of the souvenir vending machines

Our company offers a wide selection of options, which allows you to choose the perfect option for your business.  The equipment is fully automated and focused on the sale of piece goods, for example postcards, magnets, key rings, toys.

The design may be different; the differences are as follows:

  1. Type of installation. Installation is possible indoors or outdoors.
  2. Configuration, sizes. Large or compact.
  3. The number of slots, additional modules;
  4. Technological equipment.

This category provides embedded additional options, but it is possible to additionally purchase the following:

  • coin acceptors for tokens or required denomination, not issuing change;
  • coin acceptors issuing change;
  • receiver for banknotes issuing or not issuing change;
  • card payment module;
  • lightbox;
  • lift for fragile goods;
  • GSM modem;
  • guides, shelves;
  • cheque printer;
  • thermal box.

Where is the best place to install souvenir vending machines?

It is important to correctly locate souvenirs vending machines.  The following objects are the best for installing the device there:

  • possible tourist crowd points;
  • entertainment and shopping centers;
  • bus stations, airports, railway stations;
  • exhibition or excursion venues;
  • areas nearby visited sites, attractions.

Installing the machine at several points will ensure stable sales. According to different schedules, some machines will compensate others on separate days.  The filling product is selected based on the target audience, for example, children and their parents, who make spontaneous purchases.

Why is it worth ordering vending machines?

Vending business does not require large investments since there is no need to hire staff.  Service time is minimal, the main thing is to consider the basics of marketing and choose the right place for installation.

Our company offers a wide range of options for creating a business and gaining profit.  Order models with the desired parameters and additions, and we will help you choose the best option.  The machine is well-equipped, you only need to set it up according to your requirements.