Machines for children

Vending machines for children — a profitable investment, an idea to increase income, or open your own business.  Our company offers to place an order for equipment for children, we present an assortment of machines for various requirements and the type of filling products.  Nowadays, vending machines for children with piece sale of goods are quite popular, but demand remains high due to the high interest and affordable prices.

Design features of vending machines for children

The equipment is quite simple, so it is available even to novice entrepreneurs.  It’s cost depends on the type of device, the method of its installation, the intended location, type of filling product.  Anyway, quick payback and ease of maintenance are inherent to this type of business.

Design includes:

  • sturdy construction for installation on the floor, fastening elements. There are small-sized models with mounts on a vertical surface, which saves space;
  • product location capacity with a transparent case made of high-quality plastic or glass;
  • a coin acceptor configured to receive a certain type of coins or tokens.

Filling products are diverse, the standard includes chewing sweets, jumpers, various small toys, slimes, regular sweets.   You can independently choose the filling, taking into account modern requirements for the composition safety.

Where to install vending machines for children?

The machines are compact, easy to install, and popular, so there are no restrictions on installation.   The target audience includes children from 3 to 13 years old and their parents.  Children can make purchases themselves and happily throw a coin and wait for a toy or treat.

 The most popular locations:

  • small grocery stores;
  • supermarkets;
  • passageways in malls;
  • children’s complexes;
  • sports and entertainment facilities for children;
  • cafe;
  • cinemas;
  • ice rink, etc.

A good option is to place several machines together.  For example, placing children’s machines near coffee machines or drink machines since you can conveniently spend a change from coffee on a toy or candy.   The filling assortment is flexible, you can add marshmallows, chewing gums, breath fresheners, fortune cookies, etc.

Ordering vending machines for children is a profitable investment

Vending machines for children can bring significant income.  We offer a selection of high-quality equipment.  Everything necessary for attracting attention and efficiency is provided: ease of use, automated payment, minimum requirements for the installation.

This is a cost-effective and affordable business. Order the machine from our company and start earning now!