Entertainment machines

Mini-attractions, amusement machines are excellent entertainment for adults and children.  Our company offers vending equipment for any requirements.  The popularity of lotto machines, simulators, arcade games, and others increases each year.  Despite this, the niche is not filled, and their acquisition is a profitable investment.

Design of vending amusement machines

 Our company offers a wide range of vending amusement machines.  The differences between the models are as follows:

  • type of location. They can be installed outdoors or indoors;
  • intended use. A wide range of entertainments is available, including sports type, «oracles», a swing for children, crane-machines for catching toys and much more;
  • money acceptors. Configurations with coin and notes acceptors issuing change are available.

A wide selection of models allows to choose an option based on the target audience.  Our company will help to start an effective business and achieve its rapid development as the vending equipment operates autonomously.  It is important to maintain its cleanliness, provide power, and timely cash-in.

Where are vending machines popular?

We offer interactive amusement devices that combine efficiency and compactness.  Most models work both for children and adults, thus bring a high income.

 The most popular installation locations:

  • shopping and entertainment centers;
  • clubs (billiard, bowling, etc);
  • playgrounds;
  • parks and sites, where people gather for walks, recreation, entertainment;
  • children’s or sports facilities.

People like to play air hockey, tennis, tetris, use force meters, vending rockers, mini-cranes, mini-carousels, ticket machines, arcades, and other amusement machines, so the popularity of this business increases.

What should be considered when ordering vending equipment?

Our company offers equipment with a specific function or combining several operations.  For example sale of goods and game features.

 When choosing it is important to consider the following:

  1. Area for rent. The cost depends on the location and owner of the territory.
  2. When installed in entertainment centers, the equipment requires a walkable area, otherwise, you need to find a park area with the least competitive equipment. We offer the most unusual and fascinating machines.
  3. The convenience of location. Make sure that the access is not blocked by neighboring equipment.

Effective work requires timely maintenance and cash-in, including health checks.  The rational use of space helps to increase profits, for example, the installation of one large or several small machines.  Contact our manager to order vending machines.