Drinks vending machines

One of the most popular types of vending machines is vending drink machines.  The equipment is popular, providing user comfort and being a profitable business.  Our company offers a wide selection of models for various requirements and operations.  The purpose of the equipment is to store drinks and automate the sales process using money acceptors, and special software.  Depending on the model, cooling or heating configurations are available.

Design features of vending drink machines

Vending drink machines do not require the participation of workers.  Maintenance is required for replenishment and cash-in.

 The category includes an extensive list of options:

  • vending coffee machines. Such vending machines are intended for the sale of hot drinks: chocolate, cocoa, tea, etc;
  • sparkling water machines. Such machines provide for cooling and sale;
  • machines selling bottled water, chips, chocolate, and similar snacks.

Where to install vending machines?

Hot drinks machines are profitable all year round, except for summer.  It provides for a wide range of drinks: latte, cappuccino, etc.  Such machines are relevant in business centers, places with high traffic.

The sale of cool water is relevant in the heat, but such machines are profitable in the winter as well.  This is possible if located in malls, gyms, etc.  Such vending machines include the preparation and delivery of cool drinks.

Combined vending machines with drinks and food are profitable regardless of the season.  In particular, they suggest the sale of drinking water, needed in any season.

Machines modifications

Vending machines are manufactured for installation indoors or outdoors.   The latter requires additional equipment.  The most popular combination is coffee and snack machines.  Installation can also be paired, uniаfying the payment system.

Automated machines work with instant and ground coffee, so when choosing, you need to consider the location and target audience.  Our company offers machines of various designs.  All the nuances affect the total cost.

Ordering vending equipment

Purchasing a vending drink machine requires a small investment.  At the same time, the list of suitable locations for machine installation is long: people buy coffee and other drinks.  Automation ensures minimum maintenance costs and speeds up the payback.

Contact us in a convenient way to order equipment, we are ready to offer devices that will suit your requirements.