Modern vending machines do not have problems of old equipment: they issue goods and change without failures, are equipped with the latest payment systems.  Machines combine a number of functions: providing a service or issuing goods, receiving money, issuing change, and executing bills. There is no contact with the consumer, you only need to monitor the fullness and correctness of the work.

The Vend Market company presents profitable offers on starting a vending business.  This niche is underdeveloped and opens numerous opportunities.  The right choice of the equipment, services, or goods and the correct location of the machine provide for a high payback rate and profit.

More about Vend Market

We are engaged in a vending machine business, selling a wide range of products.   Providing an assortment that meets modern consumer needs allows to choose the best machine models for business development.

It is worth contacting us for a number of reasons:

  • a wide assortment;
  • high quality;
  • loyal prices;
  • prompt delivery;
  • all equipment is operational;
  • providing specialist advice;
  • delivery services;
  • the opportunity to supplement the selected model.

Advantages of the direction

We offer to start a vending business and purchase vending equipment.  This category of investments has a low input threshold.  The main advantages are as follows:

  • small investments. It is necessary to purchase equipment, select its contents, take care of taxes and fees, and register a business.  Compared to other business options, the investment amount is actually small;
  • high payback rate. There is a real opportunity to turn a profit during a year, but it depends on the situation.  Exceptions are possible: surprisingly high profit growth or force majeure;
  • small area. Machines occupy a limited amount of space, a fairly small area with high traffic.  No need to spend money on repairing a rented place;
  • minimum staff. Any category of machines allows to avoid hiring sellers, cleaners, it is enough to take money, monitor performance and restock;
  • upon successful choice of a location, customers will learn about the machine themselves, this will save money on advertising;
  • work 24/7. The schedule gives more benefits, however, when installed in a mall or other restricted facilities, the advantage is not applicable.

Vending business is an interesting direction that does not require huge investments, is adaptable, and subject to change.  For example, you can change the filling product, they are all stationary, if there are no sales at the selected location, the machine can be moved.

Vending drink and snacks machines 

This category is quite popular and convenient for the sale of selected products.  Snack machines allow selling not only chocolate bars and chips but also original products, such as fresh pastries, cookies.  The selection of filling product should consider the location.  Snacks will be in demand in educational institutions, business, centers, shopping centers, children complexes, etc.

Coffee machines are popular at any time of the year. They can be installed both indoors and outdoors.  Expensive ground coffee is in demand in the shopping centers, office premises. Vending machines can use ground coffee in tablets, adding other ingredients.  An average option is mixed models for ground and instant coffee.  This allows to please customers with different tastes and abundance.  In schools, dorms, sports sections, instant coffee machines are more popular.

Vending machines for drinks, packaged in bottles, with preparation and cooling are in demand in the warm season, in malls,  or other large shopping or sports centers.

Interactive machines and machines for children

Vending machines expand the possibilities of entertainment offering.  For example, it is not a problem to find a place for small sports or entertainment attractions.  You can combine several, reducing rental costs.  Vend Market offers up-to-date solutions for various purposes.  But remember to consider the location, tourists and city residents passing by will appreciate sports equipment, for example, to assess strength, as well as entertaining interactive machines.

Vending machines for children combine various advantages:

  • compactness;
  • affordable cost;
  • a wide selection of models;
  • ease of installation;
  • universality.

The equipment is supplemented with everything necessary: ​​a coin acceptor, a bill acceptor, a configuration with a token acceptor is available.

 Other types of vending machines

Vend Market offers the following categories of machines as well:

  • vending souvenirs machines. Another type of localization, section size, additions (configurations with different modules are available).  Such machines are popular at train stations, airports, and tourist areas of the city;
  • vending washing machines. Machines accept payment basing on the selected mode, washing time, and other parameters. You can wash your personal stuff, bed sheets. Such machines are popular in boarding houses, dorms, and similar facilities;
  • massage chairs. Modern massage chairs are expensive. Using such equipment is much easier if the service is offered in a passable place. Vending chairs accept payment according to the selected time or modes and provide the opportunity to enjoy a massage.

Vending business continues to develop in our country, which gives time to search for the best direction.  Vend Market company sells high-quality equipment and will help to start your own business.