A new batch of vending machines arrived at the warehouse

29. 10. 2019

We are pleased to inform our customers that the manufacturer has already sent vending machines and delivered them to our warehouse. Our employees accepted all the equipment and made sure it is of high quality and ready to work. This entitles us to give our own guarantee for all equipment presented in the assortment.

We will carry out all the necessary logistics operations asap and begin sending orders to customers. If you haven’t made an order, then now is the time as there are options available for order at an affordable price.

We offer a wide range of vending machines with various equipment and a set of functions. Our customers have the opportunity to find options that match their purposes. The catalog includes all the models available in our store.

They are currently in our warehouse, which means that we are ready to deliver. All equipment is of the highest quality. Logistic companies are already considering all available supply options. We have been working with our partners for many years and they guarantee fast delivery and no damage.