Vend Market is a proven vending equipment supplier; our customers are provided with a choice of modern machines at affordable prices. Today, vending business is developing. We offer to use advanced mechanical and electronic machines with a number of useful functions and attractive designs for developing or starting a business.

Vending machines are in demand due to a wide range of advantages:

  • location requires a minimum of space;
  • the payback level is high with a good location;
  • no need for constant monitoring and hiring personnel at each location;
  • low taxation;
  • no contact with consumers;
  • advertising is hardly required;
  • the ability to change the location;
  • minor risks, since the equipment can be sold.
    • We offer the most popular vending machines

      Vend Market provides the opportunity to order modern vending machines for different target audiences, services, or products. Vending machines are autonomous, they accept payment, serve goods, prepare a drink, and perform other useful functions.

      Our company provides the following categories of equipment to order:

      1. Massage chairs. They are placed in passable premises and offer massage services.
      2. Vending washing machines. This type of machinу will work for sanatoriums, dorms, and other areas where washing for money is in demand.
      3. Drink machines. They are placed in sports clubs, malls, on the street, aimed at selling, preparing drinks, cooling water.
      4. Snack machines. They offer various snacks that are in demand in visited places, offices.
      5. Souvenirs machines. They are in demand in places where there are tourists, at fairs, they offer a wide range of souvenir products.
      6. Interactive entertainment machines. They are placed in entertainment areas, malls, etc, to attract children or adults.
      7. Machines for children. Aimed at the piece sale of toys or goodies.
      8. Coffee machines. The popular category of machines is aimed at the sale and preparation of coffee and coffee drinks.
      9. Vending machines - a profitable investment and the opportunity to occupy an empty niche.
Vending equipment supplies will be restored soon

Vending equipment supplies will be restored soon

29. 05. 2020
Coronavirus infection has reached its peak, which means that it should decline in the near future.  This means that all structures will resume their work.  Our company promises its customers that in the near future we wi
Delays in delivery due to COVID-19 infection

Delays in delivery due to COVID-19 infection

15. 02. 2020
As you know, coronavirus infection is still spread worldwide. In this regard, we are forced to report that delays in the delivery of equipment are possible. At the moment, logistic operations cannot be carried out fully,
A new batch of vending machines arrived at the warehouse

A new batch of vending machines arrived at the warehouse

29. 10. 2019
We are pleased to inform our customers that the manufacturer has already sent vending machines and delivered them to our warehouse. Our employees accepted all the equipment and made sure it is of high quality and ready t
Our company has ordered a new batch of vending machines

Our company has ordered a new batch of vending machines

29. 09. 2019
Vending machines are popular due to the fact that they sell any product: from food to souvenirs or, for example, medical masks. This business requires modern equipment from trusted manufacturers. We have been working wit